Since the Hurricane Sandy competition, Rebuild by Design, and the processes that were inspired by that work including, the National Disaster Resilience Competition, the Bay Area Resilient by Design Challenge, Water is Leverage, and others, have sparked interest in communities, governments academics, and researchers. To help researchers understand more about our work, and to continue to contribute to a growing portfolio of writings about the work, we have launched this library as a resource for all who are interested. 

We would like to thank the University of Groningen for their partnership in locating and cataloging the articles and books that have examined our work. If you know of a resource that is not listed here, please let us know by sending an email to

Henk Ovink, Jasmin Schous, Joachim Declerck, Serafina van Godtsenhoven, Bram Vandenmoortel, Nick Naudts, Xavier Leflaive, Stephanie Lyons, Kathleen Dominique, Annet Kempenaar, Naim Laeni, Margo Brink, van den, Tim Busscher, Jos Arts

eTropic: Analyzes the complexity of policy transfer processes in the context of contemporary policy making in response to climate change. The paper further examines what constitutes a successful policy transfer process by using Semarang, a tropical city located in Indonesia, as a case study.

Yulia, Y., & Arlianda, R.

Architectural Design: Our era of ecological resilience and ecocide requires much more holistic and inclusive thinking about social, civic space. Kate Orff outlines the proposal for Alameda Creek, which removes the defensive infrastructures currently restraining the natural forces of the San Francisco Bay Area with the aim of reconnecting its urban and rural ecologies.

Orff, K.
International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2019:

Describes the resilience strategy developed by the New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) in order to advance the Living with the Bay proposal.

Bomar, M.

Scenario Journal: Explores a series of board games the author produced over five years to help drive engagement, education, and decisions around climate resilience planning, including for the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge.

Kim, Jeanette