SCAPE / Landscape Architecture

SCAPE/LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE with Parsons Brinckerhoff, Dr. Philip Orton / Stevens Institute of Technology, Ocean & Coastal Consultants, SeArc Ecological Consulting, LOT-EK, MTWTF, The Harbor School and Paul Greenberg.

The Protective Shallows

Our project overlays COASTAL RESILIENCY infrastructure with HABITAT ENHANCEMENT techniques and ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP models, deploying a range of layered strategies that link in-water protective forms to onshore interventions. We have mapped potential enhancements to endangered bay landscapes and communities, and propose a range of design ideas that protect us from the extremes but also improve the quality of our lives every day.

Climate change is bringing new challenges to America’s eastern seaboard. Its predicted effects include a rise in mean temperature and precipitation, accelerated sea level rise, and more frequent, extreme flooding and storm events like Superstorm Sandy. These phenomena- coupled with the excess nitrogen levels in our waters from treated waste water and fertilizers – mean that our critical estuaries and bays are at risk of disappearing within decades, if not years.  With their shallow bathymetry and delicate balance of vulnerable marine life, a loss of these endangered waters would threaten not only the places we live, work, and play but also our cultural connection to the water. These newly reclaimed protective bay landscapes will serve as beloved fishing and recreational grounds, places to wade, swim, and learn, and more importantly as crucial absorptive ecological infrastructure for the communities that have formed around them. We have developed a research process that links ecology and proven coastal protection to increase biodiversity, stewardship, and education models, reducing overall system-wide risk and enhancing recreational and economic opportunities for all.

The SCAPE Team

SCAPE/LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is partnering with Parsons Brinckerhoff (planning & engineering), Dr. Philip Orton/Stevens Institute of Technology (oceanography & numerical modelling), Ocean & Coastal Consulting (coastal engineering), SeaArc Consulting (marine biology), The Harbor School (education & ecological restoration), LOT-EK (architecture & design), MTWTF (graphic design & communication) and Paul Greenberg (author of Four Fish).

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