Sasaki Associates with Rutgers University and ARUP

The Sasaki-led team, with Rutgers University and Arup, leverages the interdisciplinary perspectives of designers, planners, ecologists, social scientists, and engineers to design opportunities and strategies for long-term coastal resilience. Sasaki’s research focuses on the value of “the beach,” a place of special significance to human memory and economy, and a vital component of coastal ecosystems.  New Jersey’s northern shore (Ocean and Monmouth counties) is an ideal place to study the identity and function of the beach; it includes the three coastal typologies found across the eastern seaboard of the United States: Barrier Island, Headlands, and Inland Bay. Informed by a close reading of the ecological, economic, and cultural conditions of the Jersey Shore, the Sasaki team’s three design opportunities rethink iconic elements of the human experience of the shore – the pier, the boardwalk, and the marina – to integrate greater ecological function and help coastal communities adapt and strengthen in the face of ongoing sea level rise and storm threats.

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