OMA with Royal HaskoningDHV; Balmori Associates; and HR&A Advisors

Our Design Team

The OMA team marries expertise from both old and new Amsterdam. Led by architects and urban designers, OMA, the team brings together the water management and engineering expertise of Royal HaskoningDHV, the landscape and land-use planning experience of Balmori and the economic understanding of HR&A. Communication is facilitated with the help of ‘2×4’.

With a focus on high-density urban environments, the team’s driving principal is one of integration. The tools of defense should be seen as intrinsic to the urban environment, and serve as a scaffold to enable activity—much in the same way that the dam is the genesis of the city of Amsterdam. This will necessitate an approach that is both holistic and dynamic; one that acknowledges the complexity of systems at play; and one that works with, rather than against, the natural flow.


Our Approach

“Achieving effective resiliency through a risk-based approach”

The Sandy affected region is a long coastline with many assets, and as we now know, at risk. A comprehensive solution is beyond our means, so we will need to prioritize, build smart, and recognize where best to focus our resources for greatest impact. Integrated into our built environments, over time our investments in protection should also empower our communities and our economy, allowing us to grow into resiliency.

Our approach is framed by a desire to understand and quantify flood risk. In doing so, we are better placed to identify those opportunities that present the greatest impact, the best value, and the highest potential (our areas of focus). Our matrix of opportunities charts our focus areas, at different geographic scales, against the spectrum of solutions represented by our team’s expertise. The resulting opportunities are a selection of case studies that showcase how our approach might be used to transform our region.

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