Reorienting Living on a Shifting Estuary: Toms River, NJ

New Jersey

The Toms River region is composed of a diverse set of communities that range from shore towns to back-bay developments. To create a conversation of change, new models of resilience–that are physical, engaging, and on display in areas where environmental change is most likely to occur–must be presented to the community. These creative installations will serve as “mock-ups” for the future and will provide a physical example of how citizens and designers can generate alternate scenarios for future growth, identity, and a future relationship to the water. Installations include store-front conversions to “Resilience Community Centers;”  green infrastructure gardens and greenways; and model buildings for storm resilient structures such as the movable “freight” house.

Download the boards presented by PennDesign/OLIN in 2013 here.


October 28, 2013 11:28 am
from Stephen Klimek

A resilience storefront is a great opportunity to transform typical emergency and disaster response centers into permanent but flexible education and resource centers for community residents to ensure ecological awareness and emergency preparedness. This could be developed as a kit of parts model that can be customized and implemented by communities throughout the region.


December 29, 2014 7:51 pm
from Alan N. Connor

It reads good. But as a community planner, organizer and developer I need to see the plan and how it relates to an fits with the neighboring built and natural environment.


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