Jersey City East to Hoboken

New Jersey

While parts of this zone have flooded substantially, the area also has its share of socially vulnerable neighborhoods and nearby residual pollution. We see design opportunities along Montgomery Street in Jersey City from the Armory (on the ridge) to City Hall, connecting various vulnerable neighborhoods and empty lots. In addition, it might make sense to study a bridge connection from Lower Manhattan to the ridges of Jersey City, primarily as an evacuation route (there are currently only tunnels under the Hudson), but also as a means of access and connection in Jersey City and even as a regional landscape park connecting New Jersey to New York on a daily basis.

Download the boards presented by MIT CAU + ZUS + URBANISTEN in 2013.


November 1, 2013 3:21 pm
from Joan Abel

Some of this team’s innovations to mitigate flooding in Hoboken mimic the eco-historical environment of Hoboken Island and seem destined to succeed. The storm water belt utilizing the underlying natural environment creates a soft surface storm water collection swale. A number of low-frequency constructed wetland sites should absorb runoff from average rainfall events. But the genius of the entire thing is the canal system with pumps circulating the overflow. Developing a continuous tidal flow through the Hoboken from the north cove to the (former) south cove and we could have a mini-Venice/Amsterdam. Brilliant!


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