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JFK International Airport is a vital node in the regions infrastructure. As part of Jamaica Bay, it is also highly vulnerable to flood risk. Although the airport is capable of ‘taking care if its own problems’, there is an opportunity to leverage this asset to promote the common flood defense of the Jamaica Bay area. That means integrating the airport into a larger tiered defense system, and using the airport as a catalyst for growth; growth that will help fuel, and fund, the transformation of the area, and position Jamaica Bay as a future economic for New York City.

Download the boards presented by OMA in 2013 here.


October 31, 2013 1:18 pm
from Jim Ruocco

As a member of Operation Splash we enjoyed your presentation at your public forum at NYU. It was most unfortunate that there was not enough time to absorb your floor presentations and speak with your and other team members in more depth. We are working closely with ARUP through the NYS Rising Program and would desire an opportunity to obtain more detail of your progress and presentation beyond what was promised on line? They could be of great use to us throughout our extended region and inclusion with NYS findings to further opportunities for yourselves and ours……Your response would be most welcome


November 3, 2013 7:09 am
from Michael Menser

To put it as politely as I can, this one should NOT have made the cut! Because of its infamous and amazingly ecologically inappropriate location and its importance to NYC as a global city, JFK airport is a fascinating site to think about. While the OMA proposal for Hoboken makes great sense, I am sorry to say that this proposal is puzzling, even infuriating. It brings some of the most inappropriate models of “development” and place them alongside Jamaica bay in a way that ignores the history and ecology of the Bay, does not address the specific challenges facing the myriad habitats comprising it and would further displace populations and reduce affordability with its capital intensive big ticket item approach. (and BTW, it’s not clear that these sorts of models of economic development –casinos, sports stadiums–make ANY sense in the “new economy.”) AND it’s not clear at all how resilience in any form–social, ecological, economic–would be increased. Where to start: an MIT campus in Canarsie??!! Brookyn College is already right up the road (Flatbush) why not connect to it? It’s gonna host the new Science and Resilience Institute made up of a consortium of universities and the national park service to study the Bay and create plans and projects with local communities and city,state and federal agencies. I would hope that ANY AND EVERY rebuild by design proposal for Jamaica Bay would link to it. Also, Kingsborough Community College is on the southwest side of the area, why not support them? They are already connected to the needs and capabilities of the region. Both places have a lot more relevant knowledge than an MIT. (no offense to MIT) A sports Stadium and Indy Car Speedway (!?) How is this supposed to reduce the carbon footprint and equip local populations to be more resilient? Hybrid race cars? I’ll stop here.


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