San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Uniting the Best Local and Global Minds to Work Towards a More Resilient Future

Launched in May 2017, Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge will prepare the Bay Area for the effects of climate change, released an open call for community leaders, local elected officials, national experts and residents to come together and address this critical issue before disaster strikes.

In a yearlong challenge, teams of engineers, architects, designers and other experts will work alongside community members to identify critical areas throughout the Bay Area and propose exciting, new, community-based solutions that will strengthen our region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes. 

This work builds on the resilience strategies of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley and uses the Rebuild by Design Hurricane Sandy Design Competition as a model. affordability, transportation infrastructure and increasing equity disparities.  

This culminated in a Design Opportunities presentation in November 2017 and continue to be developed in partnership with local and regional residents, businesses, community-based organizations, and political leaders, and will bring multiple benefits to those communities and the region while protecting at-risk populations, enhancing the natural environment, and bolstering critical infrastructure.  

The challenge has strong support from the Rockefeller Foundation, who granted this effort $4.6M.  

To stay up to date with this effort, please visit where you can sign up to stay involved.


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