San Francisco Bay Area

Uniting the Best Local and Global Minds to Work Towards a More Resilient Future

Rebuild by Design is working with local Bay Area agencies to create a design challenge based on the successful Hurricane Sandy Design Competition model.  

San Francisco Bay, one of our nation's greatest natural treasures, is ringed by diverse communities, spawns transformational companies and thinkers, and it is an integral part of the region that shapes the world as we know it.  Despite these assets, over seven million Bay Area residents face the future effects of rising sea level and the likelihood of more frequent and stronger storm events, which will only increase social, financial, and environmental risk.  

Rebuild by Design is working with San Francisco Bay Area regional leaders and government agencies to proactively ensure a better future by creating a blueprint for preparedness that harnesses Bay Area innovation and serves as a resiliency model for communities around the world.

Building on the resilience strategies of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley and using the Rebuild by Design Hurricane Sandy Design Competition as a model, Resilience by Design Challenge(RbD) will invite designers, architects, developers, and financial supporters to create and implement visionary, realistic, and replicable design solutions that enable neighborhoods and communities to adapt now to the future effects of rising sea level, increasing storms and flooding, and seismic vulnerabilities as well as existing stresses such as housing affordability, transportation infrastructure and increasing equity disparities.   These solutions will be developed in partnership with local and regional residents, businesses, community-based organizations, and political leaders, and will bring multiple benefits to those communities and the region while protecting at-risk populations, enhancing the natural environment, and bolstering critical infrastructure.  

The challenge has strong support from the Rockefeller Foundation, who recently granted this effort $4.6M.  The call for teams will be released in April 2017.

To stay up to date with this effort, please visit where you can sign up to stay involved.

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