Boulder, USA

Creating a Model for a Resilient, Affordable, and Carbon Neutral Mobile Home Site

Boulder, Colorado is known for its progressive land-use planning, open space preservation, and environmental ethic. Meanwhile, the city has a set of challenges that includes the highest flash flood risk in Colorado, growing income inequality, and housing affordability issues. The Ponderosa Mobile Home Park is a site that represents a confluence of these resilience challenges. Rebuild by Design is working with the City of Boulder, who will purchase the park from a private developer, to create a resident-centered resilient community design process.

One of the most affordable sites in Boulder, Ponderosa Mobile Home Park sits in the 100-year floodplain, with a small share in the 500-year floodplain. The residents, a mix of different ethnicities and incomes, are dedicated to keeping their homes affordable while receiving much needed upgraded infrastructure investment.

Rebuild is working with the city on their resident-driven process and will lead a three-day workshop this fall that will bring together experts in housing, water, energy, finance, and social services to assist the city in determining the feasibility of different ownership models and potential infrastructure development to transform the area into a model for developing a resilient, affordable, and carbon neutral manufactured home site in Colorado and beyond.

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