Los Angeles Final Feedback Opportunity Update

This month, the City and Building Forward LA partners presented the draft recommendations back to the public and industry experts for feedback. The City and BFLA partners are now currently working on incorporating feedback from the public and city agencies for finalizing these recommendations and developing an implementation strategy.  

The draft recommendations were based on the collaborative research phase, which was kicked off in March 2017. The collaborative research phase sought input from experts of the built environment on identifying and prioritizing potential challenges to building policies and processes. The five convenings brought experts together to discuss 1) advanced building and perspectives from within LA, the U.S., and abroad; 2) new technology and materials as they relate to advancing living buildings, particularly around energy, water and seismic; and 3) share the City of LA’s perspective on building codes, processes and policies. This phase allowed Los Angeles professionals to discuss issues they face and provide the city and BFLA partners with a true understanding of the opportunities to create more resilient and sustainable building policies.