January Update: NJ Seeks HUD's Approval for Plan to Reduce Meadowlands Flooding

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection is seeking HUD approval of the state's proposed "build plan" for reducing frequent-rain flooding in five Meadowlands municipalities. One benefit of the plan is that approximately 20 acres would no longer flood during the type of rainstorm that has a 50% chance of occurring in any given year, the Project Team stated at a community meeting. An additional 642 acres could benefit from reduced inundation, ranging from a tenth of a foot less water to as much as three feet less water in such a storm, the team reported. The Project Team also presented a "future plan" that is not yet funded, which envisions surge barriers, berms, and sheet piles or floodwalls designed to protect against a 1-in-50 chance of flooding from the Hackensack River in any year. Learn more>>