There's a Huge, Overlooked Economic Threat to New York City

Business Insider: Like most American cities that border an ocean, New York City is at risk for flooding due to sea level rise.

Sea level rise not only threatens city infrastructure and the livelihoods of New Yorkers — it  also poses a huge economic threat to the city's five boroughs , according to Daniel Zarrilli, the city's Chief Resilience Officer.

"There's coastal real estate at risk, consequences to job creation, and the natural impact of climate on the lowest income residents in New York City and around the globe. People might have to move or migrate," he told Business Insider. " It's pretty profound when you think about the types of economic impacts we'll see from that. And it will be disruptive."

The most recent reminder to New Yorkers about the risks of flooding was Hurricane Sandy, which killed at least 147 people in the Northeastern United States, Canada, and the Caribbean in 2012. In New York City, the storm, which had a cyclone over a thousand miles in diameter, caused water to rush over Staten Island, the Rockaways, and downtown Manhattan near Wall Street. Continue reading>>

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