Staten Island Ferry Terminal Fish Tanks Will Get a Makeover

SILive: The two giant fish tanks in the Staten Island Ferry terminal waiting room are getting a makeover. A specific plan for the tanks is not yet set but Deputy Borough President Ed Burke promises they will be "more relevant to Staten Island." 

The redesign is being headed up by the Billion Oyster Project, along with the Departments of Transportation and Ferries. The Oyster Project, based on Governor's Island, is working to restore oysters reefs in New York Harbor, including along the South Shore of Staten Island.

"Oyster Reefs provide habitat for thousands of species [and] protect New York City from storm damage -- softening the blow of large waves, reducing flooding and preventing erosion," according to the project's spokesperson.

An interim design for one of the two tanks while a final plan is developed will highlight the Living Breakwaters Project -- a $74 million state infrastructure project along the Island's South Shore to protect from storms. The Billion Oyster Project will enhance the Breakwaters Project by installing oysters on and around the constructed breakwaters. Continue reading>>

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