Revised East River Flood Protection Plans Met With More Local Skepticism

The Low Down: In response to neighborhood opposition to the city’s plans for a flood barrier in East River Park, the de Blasio administration announced more changes in its resiliency schemes this week.

The project, scheduled to begin next spring, will now be undertaken in sections, meaning that portions of the park will remain open during construction. But at a City Council hearing yesterday (Thursday), residents were unimpressed with the concessions from the city.

In a statement released before the hearing, organizers from the group East River Park ACTION said, “Phased construction is still phased destruction.” One activist, Yvette Mercedes explained, “One of the saddest things to us NYCHA residents about demolishing this park is that we will be the most affected. The City hasn’t given us the courtesy of consulting us. We have been dismissed. They haven’t considered the quality of air that will affect the lungs of the residents and they haven’t considered the health issues that are going to affect the residents for many years to come.” Read more>>