Green Revolution: Turning New York Into Noah’s Ark

Industry Leaders

As a part of an initiative to revive parts of the coast hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, BIG and Dutch firm ‘One Architecture’ co-developed the Big U Scheme, a socially sustainable flood defense system for New York city.

Internationally acclaimed Danish studio Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) was built on one powerful notion: to be the key driver in the evolutionary process of the society. BIG’s architecture is infused with radical concepts such as hedonistic sustainability, vertical suburbia and utopian pragmatism. A realistic utopian architecture that places creating socially, economically and environmentally ideal structure as a practical objective and this philosophy has sent BIG sky-high in the world of architecture. From a power-station with a ski slope to a lush wind-powered resort community, and now a flood barrier disguised as a park, there is nothing Bjarke Ingels Group cannot do. Read more