Design Solutions For A World Of Rising Sea Levels: A Showcase

SF Chronicle: The formal events at this week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco are closed to the public, but anyone can visit a related pop-up that occupies an unleased storefront at the foot of Rincon Hill.

That’s where you’ll find nine detailed visions showing how the likelihood of sea level rise can be seen as not a threat, but a catalyst. The Bay Area, the display demonstrates, can prepare for the future with an eye to a healthier region, where cities and nature overlap in beguiling, sustainable and equitable ways.

At their best, the concepts demonstrate the power of design to stir the imagination. The question now is whether any of them will be powerful enough to leave a mark on the physical landscape — to put down roots, not just dazzle the eye.

“We’re in this transition phase right now,” said Amanda Brown-Stevens, managing director of Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, which managed the year-long competition. “A lot of people invested time and energy over the year, and we want to make sure we’re maximizing the benefit.” Continue Reading>