Clean Energy Vital In a World of Worsening Drought and Floods


NEW YORK – Imagine a world that’s run out of fresh water. A world where it’s so hot, crops can no longer grow. Where rising sea levels and flooding destroy our homes.

This could be our future if global temperatures continue to rise at the current rapid rate.

According to Nasa, 2015 was the hottest year on record, with rising temperatures intensifying weather events.

“It’s true that it’s an El Niño effect and we know that’s a cyclical weather phenomenon that happens naturally, but what climate change does is it really amplifies the effects of climate variation and it just makes those impacts that much worse. So we’re going to see more drought,” says Greenpeace Africa’s Penny-Jane Cooke.

Johannesburg’s main source of drinking water, the Vaal Dam has experienced a more than 30 percent drop in the water level in the last 12 months. The dam’s shallow depth has resulted in an increased rate of evaporation. Read more….