City Plans Playground, Turf Upgrades On Manhattan's East Side

The Patch: The Parks Department is planning some $28 million in upgrades to various parks and playgrounds amid the ongoing public review of the city's proposed coastal flooding and sea level rise protection project that also requires closing the East River Park for 3.5 years, the department said.

The upgrades include a variety of improvements — from some entirely new or revamped public space to improvements to existing parks and playgrounds.

Some of the changes are a part of the department's in-house projects to mitigate when the East River Park would close for 3.5 years during the $1.45 billion resiliency project that was overhauled last fall, which has outraged many locals. Other projects have already been a part of the city's plans, like the recent opening of Pier 35 and to-be-completed open space at Pier 42.

The exact timeline, among other details, for much of these projects listed below remain to be seen. Parks says the department will execute the plans "quickly." Read More>>