Bay Area: Resilient By Design Challenge Tackles Climate Change When the Government Won’t

Impact Design Hub: In response to President Trump’s resolve to ignore climate change and any policies that could help lessen the effects of global warming, The Rockefeller Foundation has announced the Bay Area: Resilient By Design Challenge, a $4.6 million competition to fund proposals from interdisciplinary teams with new ways to strengthen the infrastructure in three of the region’s big cities —Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco — and the surrounding counties to better prepare for the potentially detrimental effects of climate change.

The program is modeled after New York’s Rebuild By Design Hurricane Sandy Design Competition — which led to advancements like “The Big U,” a storm and floodwater buffer zone that also revitalized neighborhoods and community spaces — but in contrast to the reactionary nature of the Hurricane Sandy Competition, the Bay Area Challenge takes a proactive approach, hoping to inspire designers to start planning for and considering potential disasters long before they occur. Continue reading>>