Architects designed these floating villages that would withstand flooding in the Bay Area

Business Insider: Like most US coastal regions, the San Francisco Bay Area is under threat from rising seas.

To make matters worse, researchers say that parts of the Bay Area are sinking, which could wipe out between 20 and 165 square miles of coastal land, along with the communities that live there.

Instead of fighting the rising tides, a group of architects and urban designers want locals to live in harmony with the Bay. In late 2017, they unveiled a regional design involving floating villages, an elevated park, tide barriers, a fast lane for buses, roads for autonomous electric vehicles, and more for the Bay Area.

Designers from the three firms — Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), One Architecture + Urbanism (ONE), and Sherwood Design Engineers — submitted a regional proposal that focused on three sites: an area in the South Bay, another near the Golden Gate Bridge, and an industrial area surrounding Islais Creek (located near the neighborhood of Bayview). Read more here>>

BIG/ONE/Sherwood Design Engineers