Analysis of Six Regional Resiliency Projects Details Implementation Challenges

Politico: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, several federally sponsored projects sought to usher in new modes of urban design that protected against sea-level rise and re-imagined neighborhood design.

Now, the projects in New York and New Jersey, chosen through a national competition called Rebuild by Design, face challenges related to implementation, according to a new report.

"As these proposals move into implementation, the grantees are having to work hard to ensure that the resilience values of the project are not lost in translation," the report, due out later Tuesday morning, says. "Everyday systems and government processes (like cost benefit analysis, permitting, and procurement) are not well equipped to deliver projects that provide multiple benefits across a number of government silos."

The report, called "Rebuilding with Resilience," was prepared by the Georgetown Climate Center, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and Rebuild by Design — a group of advocates, architects and planners that formed to track the projects' progress. Read more>>

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AP Photo/Julio Cortez