Idan Sasson, Project Manager

Idan Sasson is a Project Manager at Rebuild by Design, managing some of Rebuild's city relationships, working on city strategies, and supporting the Resilience by Design University Program. Idan joined Rebuild after working at GreenThumb, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation's community gardening division, where he focused on getting more youth involved in urban gardening throughout New York City. His previous work led him to rural agricultural development in East Africa for the Clinton Foundation, and educational youth programming in NYC. 

He first entered the world of urban resilience when studying social resilience in coastal communities at New York University. A NYU Gallatin Program alumna, Idan concentrated in Sustainable Development and was a yearlong fellow at the Gallatin Urban Democracy Lab where he researched the underlying elements of a contested public green space in Berlin called Tempelhof Field.

Outside of work Idan is an avid traveler and community gardener where he takes time to tend to his veggies.