Gordon Douglas, Acting Director, Institute for Public Knowledge

Gordon Douglas is an urban sociologist and planning scholar currently serving as acting director of NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. A multidisciplinary center for community-engaged research and public programming, IPK has been the institutional home of Rebuild by Design since 2014. Prior to taking on the director role, Gordon was the Rebuild by Design Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU and served as associate director of IPK. In these roles, Gordon is conducting research on different measures of social inequality in both the impacts of and recovery from Hurricane Sandy, as well as the role of local community-based organizations in neighborhood resilience. He has also been a leading organizer of Resilience by Design University and helped to design a longitudinal study of attitudes toward climate change and resilience efforts throughout the Sandy-affected region. 

Gordon received his PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago in 2014. With research focused on urban and environmental planning and development, local cultural identity, and people's interactions with their physical surroundings, Gordon's writing and photography have appeared in Architect Magazine, City & Community, Urban Studies, the Journal of Urban Design, and other publications. His book on DIY urbanism and other forms of creative, participatory placemaking, The Help-Yourself City, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.